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our mission

Here with Mpenzi Tundae we honor the ancestral practices of birth and womanhood. Regaining and realigning with the natural flow and power of the circle of life. The focus of ShinDoula is to take back the pride and choice in the framework of Childbirth and pro-choice advocacy while ensuing education in the black and brown communities. It is here, where we listen and honor the choice of women. It is here were we love and connect spiritually. The gift of life is the most eye opening, earth shattering, &core shaking experience, and it is an honor to be of support.   

-Birthing Plans

- Comfort Measures and Support

-Virtual Full Spectrum Services

- Full Spectrum Services 

-Childbirth Doula Support Services 

-Natural Birth Support

-Hospital/ Birthing Center  Support

-Lactation Support 

- Lamaze Support 

-Postpartum Services

- Aromatherapy 

-Massage Therapy (limited) 

what do we offer


This Journey and work is dedicated to two very influential spirits that once walked the earth. My mother, Beverly Ann Murdock known as "Tundae" and my dear friend and supporter of my doula journey Korryn S. Gaines. Continue to guide and  protect me on this journey

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