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A Doula is a birth personal that assists women and families in many kinds of situations  revolving around life. More commonly used during birth and postpartum, doula services vary according to the family needs.

What DOESNT a doula provide?

Doulas do not take a clinical role or make medical decisions for the family, woman, or baby.  We do not advise, but can support a woman to find balanced information to make informed decisions about her maternity care.

What is a Doula? 

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Covid Response?

No worries, Mpenzi Tundae has Telehealth options! ShinDoula has been certified to better navigate the new changes to the healthcare system.  We are aware and vigilant of the CDC's expectations and concerns. With that being said, ShinDoula takes pride in continual learning to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

DOes my Insurance COver my DOula Care?

Unfortunately, in most cases doula services are not covered under insurance polices. This is a matter that has and will continual be fought for! The lack of coverage for doula care through insurance is a major component in the social justice framework in maternity and family, that is an avid fight here at Mpenzi Tundae LLC. 

With that in regards, Mpenzi Tundae has ensured that receiving doula care is affordable and circumstantially adjustable.  We believe that these resources should be available to everyone family and community that wishes to have them!

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