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​​How Did I Get Here? 

I am a native of West Baltimore, Md, where I learned and cultivated my love for the arts, nature, and all things ancestral. I obtained my B.S , majoring in Biology from Virginia State University. I originally trained and became certified in child birth, lamaze, lactation and postpartum care through DONA International (2015).  With more respect and awareness of ancestral practices and black and brown community advocacy, the framework of birth and equality became more prevalent in my world. I further trained and became certified as a Virtual Full Spectrum Doula with Ancient Song Doula Services (2020). And because knowledge is power, I will continue in furthering my education in childbirth and all things babies!


  As a child my mother was always fascinated with my interest and determination to “deliver babies”, no seriously (lol) she was always so amazed by how I’d wanted to be something I had never seen before. Never really having a specific name to give to my dreams, I would obsessively watch  the TLC network, day in and day out catching all episodes of Birthday and anything baby and mom related. My childhood dreams would only keep growing,  I dreamed of becoming a teacher, a vet and stay at home mom! Life and the universe would take me on a journey and lead me here, to this very moment. 


During that time of working and navigating life as a new and lost graduate, I’d shadowed and interned with an OB/GYN and family practice doctor  to narrow my childhood quest to “delivering babies”. During that quest, The statement of one of my professors that so  confidently said to me would continuously ring in my mind “ You will never get into medical school, black women don't belong there!”. Although I was crushed initially, I would love to send thanks. Because of him I didn't go to medical school, but it pushed me to be who I KNEW I'd always wanted to be, “The Baby Whisper” lol. Graciously so, I was set to assist a black woman OB/GYN on a naval base in delivering my niece. She gave me the complete experience and closely guided  me the entire birth. My fire was set! I knew where I belonged. During that time I engrossed myself in all things momma and baby.  After many tears, questions, and open google tabs, I  soon enrolled to become certified as a doula through DONA International. After experiencing my first Native/ Muslim ceremony for an at home birth to a third time mom, as her doula I felt complete. She thanked me with so much love and gratitude! Explaining that, the third birth was her best experience in birth ever and she couldn't have done it without a doula! She explained in full detail  to me just how  necessary and essential having a doula has been to her and how many mothers needed and SHOULD  have  access and knowledge to that kind of care! She was right!


   Today, my life has been dedicated to the betterment of humanity. For many years I have worked in education and mental health, Special Education to be exact. As well as working with children and teens with Autism and other disabilities. I have juggled  my doula work among the years. The year 2020 has brought forth unprecedented times and many changes to maternal care and resources! Many that leave the fate of our babies and mommas in the hands of poor fate in trauma. But have no fear, ShinDoula is here!!! We are in this together!

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