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First home birth

“Its so crazy.  That day seemed so hard trying to get Fatimzahra out. Then the Cancer diagnosis, and that seemed to be the hardest thing I've ever had to overcome.  Life is so interesting because you never really know how much you can handle.  I am so grateful I had Fatimzahra when I did. Now my eggs are gone and my baby making days are over......God is so good!!
Thank you for being such a wonderful person ”

- Mahatara Hasan Zubar 2015

unofficial virtual birth 

"From the time my husband and I found out I was pregnant in 2016 Shindreia was one of the first people we shared the news with because we knew how influential and inspiring she would be on this journey. She was 3 hours away from us but still communicated often and assisted me with the process of delivering at home for the first time. The day of my daughter’s birth we called her instantly because we knew it was time but even my midwife was doubting me. Shindreia listened to my concerns and immediately directed me to the steps to keep my labor progressing. She was on speaker/FaceTime with my husband and I the entire time keeping both him and I calm through the experience. I can’t imagine not having her play such a critical part of that day and regardless of her distance she was available for us and provided so much support. Trust me you will love going through this journey with her by your side and I will forever be thankful for her doula services! "


Love you sis! 

 - Ayshia Thomas 2017

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